Prof Rachid Bouamri
Département de protection des plantes et de l'environnement
Ecole Nationale d'Agriculture de Meknes
Meknes, Morocco
Mobile +212661374523

National School of Agriculture of Meknes (ENA), Morocco

The National School of Agriculture of Meknes (ENA), located in Morocco, developed extensive research activities to support the implementation of the Green Morocco including various research areas: improvement of production systems, propagation, biotechnology, protection against diseases and pests and socio-economic research for a variety of high value crops in Morocco such as date palms. The ENA established collaboration with various stakeholders such as producers, farmer organizations, national agricultural research organizations, universities and international research and development centers.

The Department of Plant and Environment Protection (ENA-Prot) developed a research programme on plant disease biocontrol using microbial biotechnology, compost, compost extracts and essential oils from medicinal and ornamental plants. The team has profound experience in the study of AMF and PGPR diversity and compost to improve date palm production and bio-protection against Bayoud disease (Fusarium oxysporum sp. albedinis). In addition, ENA has excellent experience in composting as a biotechnological tool allowing the recycling of agricultural waste for sustainable agriculture and environmental protection.

The Department of Development Engineering (ENA-Dev) at ENA provides agricultural engineers' training in engineering of territorial development and carries out research projects in the field of social and economic sciences applied to agricultural and rural development. ENA-Dev is composed of a multidisciplinary team (agricultural economists, pedagogues, psychologists, sociologists), associated with many national and international research networks and programs (France, Netherlands, Belgium, etc.) and they participate in the realization of technical assistance for development programs funded by national and international agencies (UNDP, MEDA, IFAD, OXFAM, FAO). One of the research areas at the ENA-Dev concerns the territorial development and the management of natural resources (in a context of climate change) in fragile ecosystems including in Moroccan oasis.

The Department of Agronomy and Plant breeding (ENA-Tech) has excellence in the elaboration and implementation of communication strategies and is responsible for the conception and production of communication tools tailored to specific audiences in on-going projects. ENA-Tech is experienced in the elaboration of technical short videos and guides and the organization of meetings. For video recording ENA can make use of the studios of the Centre National de l'Élevage et de Recherches Vétérinaires (CNERV) associated to ENA and their technical knowhow.

Scientists involved

  • Prof. Rachid Bouamri
  • Prof. Fouad Rachidi
  • Prof. Ghizlane Echchgadda
  • Prof. Saida Belmalha
  • Prof. Abdesslam Tahiri
  • Prof. Ali Abidar
  • Prof. Larbi Aziz
  • Prof. Mustapha Fagroud